Give your business the right voice

A voice over is a narrative technique in which an unseen actor’s lines are heard over visual elements in a movie or commercial. At Elite Music Studios we work only with professional actors. Choosing the right voice actor can transform your advertisement from simple to extraordinary, so choose a voice that will make your audience “like” you the most.

The voice over industry is growing faster and stronger than ever, reaching markets linked with new technologies. Corporate and commercial projects are still the bread and butter jobs for the voice over business, but the increase in voice over demands for videogames, apps, GPs, text to speech, internet publishing, would give talent the opportunity to stretch their vocal cords more often and see more opportunities to work on different projects.

We offer multilingual professional voices for: Business Narration, Cartoons, Jingles, Movie Trailers, Radio & TV commercials, Telephone IVR, Videogames, Dubbing, among other voice services.

Commercials VO’s

With a wide listing of multilingual voice actors, and professional staff of engineers, we are available to help your business for all your audio output requirements, such as radio, television, digital media, sales recordings, marketing presentations, in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, among other languages.

Choose a voice to sell your product that establishes an appropriate relation between your idea and your target.

Narrations / Corporate

We have provided our clients with the perfect voice for in house training and corporate messages, documentaries, educational videos, audio books, e-learning systems, power point presentations among other projects that need to be “told” and recorded in a very professional way. A well-performed narration, with the appropriate tone of voice, can add great value to your business.


We are widely experienced in recording foreign voices and replacing them in movies, TV series, marketing and training videos. We offer outstanding services in Dubbing, either if you need lip-sync or just simultaneous voice track over the original. Screens in the voice-over booth and main studio can display video as required. We use Pro Tools and handle most common formats.

Our Dubbing voice actors are capable of performing amazing voices and multiple characters.

If you need to expand your business to other markets, just think of the possibility of translating and dubbing all your marketing presentations into Spanish, Portuguese or English. We could start by just changing your on hold messages into a multilingual voice presentation over the phone.

IVR phone systems, Voice Prompts

Interactive voice respond, a prerecorded message to guide callers to their desired destination. At the moment a customer dial up is expecting the best service, therefore offering a professional IVR system with the right options will give your customers a great impression and satisfaction in their transaction.

Elite Music Studios can professionally record voice prompts for your voice recognition system.