Elite Music Studios

Elite Music Studios is dedicated to creating amazing custom music for commercials and jingles among other custom music.

We have a group of highly dedicated musicians with over 60 years combined experience in the custom music industry.

We know that the right notes in the right spot, can make all the difference in the world. It makes the difference between having a final product that will move and motivate your viewer emotionally and having something fall flat on it’s face. We want to take your product to the next level for your project. We can take you there. We can make it happen. We are here to help you. The musicalization of a project or a spot is a special talent that not just any “Joe P. Musician” can effectively accomplish. You want a collaborator that is going to help your business grow, that’s the point of advertising. Why spend all of the time, energy, and money without ensuring it’s effectiveness in marketing your product – that final push and cherry on the top of the ice cream is music with the perfect jingles added to your spot.

We are able to create whatever style of music you are looking for. The right kind of custom music helps set and reinforce the tone, theme, and message of what you wish to convey.

  • Want Rock n’ Roll? We will rock it for you!
  • Want some smooth jazz for your spot? We’ll having you rolling along in no time.
  • Want the tranquil tones of a classical piece to glide along your message?
  • Want to spicy up you spot with an unexpected twist? Musical cayenne coming right up!

We want to bring to life your media with our custom sounds. Let’s work together to find the right note for you and your project. There’s a great musical note in your future that we can encapsulate for you.

custom musicThis is a quick example of the greatness that Alejandro Campos can create and we can offer him along with our key music contributors.

Demo Commercial de luxe MIX

Demo Commercial Powerfull

We are proud to have Alejandro Campos as one of our key music collaborators for custom music department, his music journey as a Music Producer being asked to produced and arrange for a diverse amount of well know artists such as: Franco de Vita (Sony), Chayanne (Sony), Leda Batisti (Sony Italy), Juan David (Sony Colombia), Axel (Sony Argentina), Cc de Camargo y Luciano (Sony Brazil), Martes 8 y 30 (Latin World), among others. He being a musician, started his film scoring experience for American Television, composing the score of eighteen (18) successful soap operas; besides being a musician, he masters many computer music and audio software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Stylus, Omnisphere, Mach Five, Reason, Digital Performer, Trillian, Virtual Guitarrist, Ableton Live, Reaktor, Kontakt.