Audio Recording

State of the art recording

Elite Music Studios has an experienced staff of engineers as well as state of the art recording equipment. With two audio control rooms, we are capable of recording a phone patch TV or Radio commercials, while doing an ISDN/ADR session in the other room, or Dubbing a corporate video while talents are auditioning for the next project. We are ready to voice your Idea…

Technical Specs & Microphones:
Two audio acoustic rooms
Protools 11 / Gold wave bundle plugins
Avalon VY 737sp
Neuman TLM 102 – Neuman TLM 103 – / U87 Ai / Audio Technica AT4050
Sennheisser MKH60 (P48) Shotgun Mic – Sony Condenser Mic
Shot Gun Lav Sony ECN 77

ISDN codec brand: Zephyr XStream
ISDN SPID’S: 305 774 04 30 / 305 774 0431
Source Connect: elitemusic