Audio Post Production Services

At Elite Music Studios, we pride ourselves on the quality of our final product. No matter the type of audio service post production you need, we are here to help you with our state of the art technology.

We offer a variety of audio post production services including, but not limited to: Sound Design, Music Composition, Final Mix, and Foley.

Sound Design

Sound engineer

A Sound designer creates new layers of sound, which will be combined into a final audio mix. At the sound design room, our audio expert will take the recorded elements for your project and combine them with sound effects from our libraries to create your desired artistic vision.

Music Composition

“Music transfers its own attributes to the story line and to the product, it creates coherence, making connections that are not there in the words or pictures; it even engenders meanings of its own. The music interprets the words and pictures.”
…Nicholas Cook. Music and Meaning in the Commercials

We produce Original Music for your production as well as:
• Audio Logos
• Mnemonics
• Sound-Alikes
• Music Licensing
• Stock Music


Final Mix

All the recorded sounds for your project, such as dialogue, narration, music, and sound effects are combined into a final audio output. In our full service audio post production mix suites, our audio post expert combines the artistic with the scientific to give you the optimum audio experience. We use the state of the art Pro Tools System in all audio projects.




If your production requires a very specific sound effect, at Elite Music Studios, we have the greatest Foley artists and sound engineers to bring life to your creation.
We are equipped with custom surfaces and a variety of props, which will be manipulated by the Foley artist, to create any customized sound effects needed to enhance or replace the quality of audio.

Without these crucial background noises, movies, TV series, radio productions, feel unnaturally quiet and uncomfortable.