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Elite Music Studios is a boutique professional-quality recording studio in South Florida. Here, you’ll find top-notch engineering and high-end recording equipment, all packed neatly into a cool studio.

We are an Audio -Voice Solution Company because we can guide you trough the process of auditioning voices, creating original music, recording and mixing you entire audio project.

From the heart of Miami at the City of Coral Gables, we are available to help your business for all your audio output requirements.

Our studios are ground floor with easy access to the Audio Recording Miami Room. Secure parking is free and on site.

Bilingual Voice actorsElite Services

It is our goal to exceed customer expectations and delight them with our services. We specialize in perfection. Whether the project involves a simple corporate presentation, or a full-blown TV documentary that needs original music and a VO talent located on the other side of the globe, we’ll get it right the first time. We strive to be the best at what we do: Recording, ISDN/ ADR Sessions, Audio Post, Original Music, Voiceover, and Dubbing.

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Our work includes: Multilingual Narration for Radio & TV Commercials, Dubbing for Industrial/Corporate Videos, Documentaries & Films, Digital Media Sales Recordings, Marketing Presentations, In House Training and Corporate Messages, IVR phone systems, or any other voice solution in Spanish, English, Portuguese, among other languages.

Here at Elite Music Studios we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable when it comes to ADR / ISDN recording sessions. Either the Voice Talent comes to our facilities or we bring our mobile equipment to the client’s location through a phone patch connection.

Elite Studio

Sound engineerElite Music Studios has an experienced staff of engineers as well as state of the art recording equipment. We strive to provide both valuable services and excellent audio quality. Artists, producers and renowned voice over actors come to our recording studio from all over the USA and Latin America, seeking our unique blend of production assistance, recording expertise and great rates. Because we are a boutique recording studio, clients get a lot more attention and flexibility than at many of the larger studios. Our overhead is low and so are our rates. With the full implementation of ProTools HD at the source, we now have the ability to offer you the same services as a much larger facility, at a far lower price point.

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