This week was a TV and Radio oriented week!

RobAmericanDanCecileRaubenheimer We’ve had quite a week at Elite Music Studios! We started December full of TV and Radio productions.

Starting with the last set of Radio Shows for the BBC recorded by the wonderful Iggy Pop. He signed all of the records he has done from our studio!

We also had a recording via ISDN with Los Angeles for “American Dad”s TV show, recording a few character voices with Rob Corddry.

Rob Corddry is an actor and comedian from Massachusetts who is known for being a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and for his starring role in the comedy film Hot Tub Time Machine. He also won his first and second Emmy Awards in 2012 and 2013. Corddry currently co-stars in the HBO series Ballers and is doing some character voices for American Dad.

To finish off our TV week, we recorded an hour long pilot for the Travel Channel with TV talent Cecilie Raubenheimer from South Africa.

See you next week!