Paseo De Las Artes in Doral starts new Summer Season 2015

Paseo De Las Artes starts new Summer Season 2015


Dorals new cultural space is located at 3635 NW 78 Ave, and features a new concept in theater showcase that allows the public to be entertained by several 15-minute plays in one evening. The shows take place inside seven cargo containers designed to accommodate this new concept.

The containers are immersed in a large patio with lounge chairs and several bars serving food and drinks, you can share a glass of good wine with your friends while your kid savours the popular venezuelan tequeños and runs around freely.

El Paseo de las Artes features a program from Thursday through Sunday and includes musical, dance and theater productions. All of the performances are in Spanish and the seasons run from 5 to 6 weeks at a time.

The new summer season started this past weekend featuring 7 theater plays, 15 minute long each that run from 7 PM to 12 midnight from Thursday to Sunday until the end of July. Every play is $5 per person and you can see as many plays as you like in one evening. Kids are welcome, just of course consult before entering a play with them, since some of them are for an adult base audience.

Some of the new plays this season are “Happy”, starring our good friend Eduardo Wasveiler and Yaima Torres, “Por Los Papeles” with Virginia and Andrea Núñez, “A Mi Me Dicen La Wendy” with Carolina Lopez and “Cuando La Muerte Llama” with our own CC Limardo, Jairo Chocolate and Osvaldo Strongoli.




Cuban accent needed!


Financial Services Company appeals to the Cuban Community for their new campaign

We recorded a radio spot with two of the best Cuban Accented Voice Over Actors of Miami, Raonel Rosales and Jorge Luis Garcia.

Using a Source Connect connection we recorded with The Sound Box in San Antonio, TX this really comical script about two cubans that are able to have a good time making music with the help of money sent by a cousin from the U.S.



Gustavo Rex records McDonald’s Commercial at Elite


Gustavo Rex records McDonald’s Commercial at Elite

We had another great VO talent recording for a very important campaign at Elite Music Studios. We were honored to work with Gustavo Rex for a new McDonald’s campaign.

Gustavo is a renowned actor that normally works in L.A. and has worked in every genre of the arts like film, theater and commercial work.

He is currently visiting family in Miami.

8,000 words for GM Voices this week!



Our very own CC Limardo recorded a total of 8,000 words for our client GM Voices this week.

This was in a total of 4 session, 2 hours each. A very long script of IVRs but very rewarding for a talented VO actress like her.

GM Voices offers female and male voice actors in over 100 languages and dialects for their clients.