VO Tip!


The VO Tips are back!

It has been a very busy couple of months but here we are! And this is this weeks VO Tip!


One of the secrets for proper breathing during a voice over performance is actually very easy to master: take in enough air to say what you have to say. If you don’t take enough air you will run out of breath before your idea is finished. And if you take in to much air, that will result in a sudden and unnatural exhale at the end of your line.

Listen to how you, and others, manage breathing during a normal conversation. You will notice that no one takes a deep breath before saying anything. In conversation, we breathe naturally and comfortably, we breathe without thinking of what we are doing.

Sometimes you will be working on a script with extremely long, complicated sentences. Breath points in most copy usually occur after a portion of a thought has been stated. Listings provide natural break points between each item. You probably won’t want to breathe between each item, but there usually is an opportunity if you need it.

Of course, when reading from a script, the words are not yours. But as voice actors we must make the words sound as if they are yours. We must make them sound as conversational and believable as possible.

We had our own Extravaganza at Elite!



Pianist Christopher O’Riley records his Radio Show from Elite Music Studios

The wondeful pianist Christopher O’Riley is known to millions as the host of NPR’s show “From the Top”. We had the immense pleasure to have him in our Miami Studio to fulfill his commitments with this show that has been on the air for 15 years nationally.

O’Riley is in Miami to take part in The Steinway & Sons Piano Extravaganza with The Miami Symphony Orchestra, an extraordinary concert where 6 pianists shared a stage together with the Miamy Symphony Orchestra under the conduction of Eduardo Marturet. Celebrating Steinway & Sons 161st Anniversary, this piano extravaganza included Liszt’s massive musical potpourri for six pianists.

We were astonished by such an emotional performance! Having a maestro of classical music of this range in our studio makes us feel … from the top!!




Omar Avila records at Elite


We had TV Actor Omar Avila recording a commercial in the studio

Omar Avila is a Cuban-American actor who appeared in the films Once Upon A Wedding and The Punisher. He grew up in Miami and got his big break in the Telemundo series Los Teens. He has appeared in several telenovelas, including Soñar No Cuesta Nada and Watch Over Me. He also played Esteban Hernández in the third season finale of House.

He was recording a commercial with a recording studio in Colorado called Rocky Mountains. The commercial was set in Las Vegas. It was very fun to have him in the studio and we would love to record him again.