CC Limardo was speaker at SAG-AFTRA Conservatory “Actors Branching Out”


The SAG-AFTRA Miami Local Conservatory “Actors Branching Out” event was a big success…

… And we were a part of it! CC Limardo, our Studio Manager, who has also been a VO talent for many years, was a speaker in this amazing event from the Union.

This event was focusing on the theme Actors Branching Out and it consisted of a variety of sessions and topics with an amazing group of presenters: Memo Sauceda, Herta Suarez, Matt Florio, Darryl Gilley, Ruth Paul, Diana Loy, Dave and Matt Corey, Bob Carter, Ed Arenas and of course our own, CC Limardo.

The conservatory provided an opportunity for participating performers to explore new employment options and expand their job opportunities.