VO Tip! The Headphones.


Here’s this week VO Tip!

We already talked about using a microphone, now let’s talk about another important tool in the recording business, THE HEADPHONES!

Communication during a recording session is extremely important, and a comfortable pair of headphones is the best way to do it. By wearing headphones, you will be able to hear yourself as you are delivering your lines. This auditory of your voice will often allow you to hear subtle mistakes that might go unnoticed if you aren’t wearing headphones. It will also allow you to effectively apply certain microphone techniques for achieving warmth or avoiding breath pops.

Another benefit of wearing headphones is that the producer, director and engineer will be able to communicate with you. Some voice talent feel that headphones are a distraction and prefer to work without them, but the simple fact is that there is often no other option for communication between the control room and booth.

That is our VO Tip of the week!