Campaign for a Popular Bank

We closed last week with a BANG! Recording 4 commercials for a popular Bank in South Florida.

It was a very warm session! Margarita Coego, Chris O’Connor, Chris Mezzolesta, and the very talented kids, Mylena Barrios and Daniel Lara recorded VO’s for this amazing TV campaign.

It was all recorded by Rafael Pereira, our Studio Engineer and the voices were amazing and the result spectacular. Soon we will be able to see the finished product on TV.


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VO Tip of the week!


The Talent Agency

Talent agents represent performers. Talents agencies are licensed by the state and must include the words “Talent Agent” or “Talent Agency” in any print advertising. along with their address and license number. The talent agent works with advertising agencies, producers and casting directors to obtain work for the performers they represent.

A talent agent receives a commission of 10% to 25% based on the scale they negotiate for their performer and whether their performer is union or nonunion. For AFTRA/SAG work the commission is above and beyond the performers fee. In some cases, the commission may be taken out of the talent fee, especially for nonunion freelance work obtained by an agent. For talent agencies to book union talent, they must be franchised by the local AFTRA and SAG unions.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and there are many unscrupulous agents who will attempt to relieve you of your money. If anyone asks you for money up front to represent you or to get you an audition, they are operating a scam. The best thing to do is find a reputable agent and stay in touch with him or her. Even if you are freelance and must pay your agent a 25% commission, the advantages of representation may well be worth it.

Do you need a talent agent to do voice over work? No. Will a talent agent benefit you and your voice over career? In most cases, yes.

At Elite Music Studios we have a relationship with Bohemian Sound Talent Agency, whom we recommend with our eyes closed for anyone who is interested in starting or maintaining a voice over career.

VO Tip! The Headphones.


Here’s this week VO Tip!

We already talked about using a microphone, now let’s talk about another important tool in the recording business, THE HEADPHONES!

Communication during a recording session is extremely important, and a comfortable pair of headphones is the best way to do it. By wearing headphones, you will be able to hear yourself as you are delivering your lines. This auditory of your voice will often allow you to hear subtle mistakes that might go unnoticed if you aren’t wearing headphones. It will also allow you to effectively apply certain microphone techniques for achieving warmth or avoiding breath pops.

Another benefit of wearing headphones is that the producer, director and engineer will be able to communicate with you. Some voice talent feel that headphones are a distraction and prefer to work without them, but the simple fact is that there is often no other option for communication between the control room and booth.

That is our VO Tip of the week!



A week of Commercials

We have had a busy start of the week recording commercials!

Yesterday we recorded a TV spot for KFC and Pepsi with VO talent Joseph Israel connecting with a studio in London.

And the rest of the week we will be recording 4 radio spots for with numerous of the best VO talents in Spanish and Portuguese in town!

In Spanish we recorded Memo Sauceda, Manolo Zota, Norma Hernández, Jonathan Ramírez, Vicente Solís, Alejandro Toro, Rosalinda Rodríguez, José Beltrán, Gary Matos and CC Limardo.

In Portuguese we recorded with Gil Cardoso, Alex Correia, Roberto Colla, Luis Fernando Costa y Carla Cardoso.

We will be also recording our regular Chevrolet commercials with Memo Sauceda with our clients from Leo Burnett and Commonwealth.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

JIM PARSONS records at Elite during his time in Miami

download_20150130_112120 download_20150130_112141

We had JIM PARSONS recording at Elite several promos for the latin community, for his new Dreamworks movie called HOME. We were thrilled to have him here!

Jim Parsons was born in March 24, 1973 and he is best known for playing Sheldon Cooper on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. For this performance he has received several awards including 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV series Musical or Comedy.

In 2011 Parsons made his Broadway debut portraying Tommy Boatwright in the play  The Normal Heart, and then he reprised the role in the film adaptation of the play, and received his seventh Emmy nomination, this time in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.

Jim Parsons was casted for his breakthrough role in The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper, a physicist with social apathy who frequently belittles his friends and the waitress who lives across the hall. The role requires Parsons to “rattle off line after line of tightly composed, rhythmic dialogue, as well as then do something with his face or body during the silence that follows.” Parsons credits his University of San Diego training with giving him the tools to break down Sheldon’s lines.