VO tip of the week!


VO Tip of the week!

Holding the microphone

As a VO talent you will rarely have to hold the mic during an actual session. However, it may be necessary for some auditions. If it ever happens to you, you need to know how to properly do it.

The correct handheld microphone technique is to hold it vertically or at a slight angle, with the top of the mic at chin level, about an inch below the lips and slightly away from the chin, not touching the face. In this position, you will be speaking the top of the mic rather than directly into it.

Talking across the microphone minimizes breath pops. You can test for proper mic placement by saying “puh, puh”. Slowly raise a finger from below your chin up to your lips and you will know where to position a mic to avoid being hit with your breath.

And last but not least.. never play or wiggle with the cord! Just let it hang from the end of the mic but try not to touch it because, even if you donĀ“t hear it, it could cause saounds that could cover up an otherwise good recording.