A pie in Iggys face!


When we started our recording with Iggy Pop this morning we never thought it would end up with CC having to through a Coconut Pie in his face! He lost a bet to his listeners at BBC Radio in London and had to do it, but actually quite enjoyed it because, as he said: “This is good pie!”


VO Tip of the week!


Here is our VO Tip of the week!

Relax your tongue!

It seems odd but not only your body and lips get tense, your tongue too!A simple stretching exercise can relax your tongue, and also help relax the muscles at the back of your mouth.

Begin by sticking out your tongue as far as you can, stretching it towards your chin. Hold it for five seconds and then pull it towards your right cheek and then the left one. Afterwards do the same pointing your tongue towards your nose.

Another tongue stretch is to grasp your extended tongue gently with your fingers and pull it. Simple as that. Just take a deep breath and pull your tongue forwards as you slowly say AAAAHHH. It may feel like yawning and yawning also helps open your throat so it´s a win – win!




We welcome Jeremy Redleaf, voice of Sesame St. character Gonnigan


We welcome Jeremy Redleaf, voice of Sesame St. character Gonnigan

It is great when you meet the person who does the voice of a famous Tv Character. We were pleased to have Actor Jeremy Redleaf Elite Music Studios-EMS Emmy Award-winning multi-hyphenate.
Co-writer/co-director/co-star of “3rd St Blackout,” an upcoming feature fim. “Gonnigan” on “Sesame Street”, Narrator of MTV’s “Guy Code”, “Guy Court” and “Jobs that Don’t Suck”. While visiting family in Miami, Redleaf stopped by our studio to fulfill his commitments with ABC Family Network ABC Family and record Tv promos for up coming shows. @kussyp Rafael Pereira Audio Engineer for the session.

Follow him on his twitter @TheLeafisRed

New movie coming out with Pastor Carlos Ortiz


Pastor Carlos Ortiz ADR’s at Elite!

Today we had the pleasure of working with Pastor Carlos Ortiz in and ADR from a new movie coming out in which he has an important role.

The movie, from Wolfgang Cinema, is called “The Pastor”, it stars Arturo Muyshondt and it was written and directed by Deborah Goodwin.

Muyshondt’s character is a former gang leader who discovers his faith in God after a brutal knife attack. Pursuing his newfound faith, a prison pastor mentors and ordains (Performed by Pastor Carlos), the once violent man. After being released, the new pastor vows to protect and serve his community. This movie is scheduled to come out next year.

Pastor Carlos Ortiz is an important member of his comunity here in Miami with more that 100K followers on twitter @pastorcarloso and his we page is cristovivemiami.com

Author Mary Spio records her new audiobook at Elite this week!


This week we have exciting news!

Mary Spio is recording her new Audio Book, IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE at Elite Music Studios!

Mary Spio is president and co-founder of Gen2Media Corp., now called Vidaroo, an Internet-oriented video production and distribution company that helps companies produce and put video online. Mary Spio was once a deep space engineer designing satellites at Boeing.

Now a published author, Mary Spio is considered one of the Ambassadors of Innovation in the United States. A Rocket scientist, internet entrepreneur, and popular speaker, in her book Mary Spio presents practical advice for beating the odds, breaking the mold, and charting your own path to achieve true success.


You can find her at her twitter account: @maryspio

Monday VO Tip!


Welcome to December!!!

This is our first VO Tip of the month!


Dairy products such as milk and cheese can cause sinuses to congest. Stay away from theses products when you know you have a VO job.

Also, clearing your throat with a hard and raspy cough might hurt your vocal chords. If you need to do it, you should try progressing from a gentle hum into a slow cough and always be sure to vocalize and put some air across your vocal cords whenever you cough.

Avoid eating before a session, food can cause your mouth to salivate more even hours after eating.

Our last thing to avoid today is to not cover up throat pain. Doing so will not improve your performance and might damage your vocal cords. If you feel you cannot perform you should advise your agent or client so that alternative plans can be made.